Fien Brakkee   ( 1999,  Rotterdam,  Netherlands )
Over the course of building my artistic practice, I have formed my art to be a hand to hold: my work has always been a place of feeling, thinking, reflection, and philosophizing, about the world around me and also the world within me.
I work mostly conceptual. I move through different mediums with a watchful eye - always trying to find the right way to express the right thing. Through drawings, collages, performances, installations, video works, photography, poetry and soundscapes, various subjects have throughout the years appeared in many different shapes and forms.
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   2018 - 2022  Bachelor, HKU Fine Art  -  Utrecht, Netherlands
   2017 - 2018   Propedeuse, HKU Fine Art  -  Utrecht, Netherlands 

2022   Beholding   -   EXbunker, Utrecht, Netherlands  (solo show)
2022   Ecotone, Studio Total  -  Nijverheid, Utrecht, Netherlands  
2022    Exposure: HKU Graduation Show  -  Pastoe Fabriek, Utrecht, Netherlands
 2020   Carol Sante Fe  -  Centraal Station, Utrecht, Netherlands
 2020   The Other Place  -  Pictura, Dordrecht, Netherlands

2022   Experimentele Projectweken   -   Pictura, Dordrecht, Netherlands
2023   LekArt Air   -   Werk aan het Spoel, Culemborg, Netherlands 

2022    The HKU Travis Geertruida Research Prize    ( won together with Siem de Boer )