series of three video collages
august - december 2022

Beholding is a series that was initiated because of my fascination and wonder about how we receive atmosphere and spaces that we can feel and experience but that we might not be able to really see or grasp. Spaces where the walls of the world feel a little weak, where all becomes nothing and the same. Spaces that are not built with walls or a ceiling but by feelings, rhythms and sensations. 
These experimental video collages play around with light, transparency and movement.
With this project I continued my exploration of the ungraspable, the ephemeral and the abstraction of the atmosphere surrounding us and of that which rests within us.
de steen was zwaar   |    4:44 min. loop.      (top left)
the ripples are still here     |     3:44 min. loop.    (top right)
what does the breeze of a dream feel like?   |   11 min. loop      (bottom right) 
This project was initiated and developed during my participation in the project weeks of Pictura. 
de steen was zwaar en the ripples are still here were shown there. 
what does the breeze of a dream feel like? was shown during Beholding, my solo show at EXbunker.