vessels part 1 
lino prints on recycled paper of wool 
prints developed during my residency at Montemero Art Residency, Spain
19,5 x 21 cm 
Everything is always moving. Change is constant. All flows and goes, without much to hold onto.
This ongoing project, Vessels, began 1,5 years ago and started out by my fascination for stones: these strong solid shapes that through time, space and movement found their form and place in the world.
A single stone is part of something much bigger. A stone changes but also remains the same. A stone wears its history, while at the same time its future. Stones will outlive us, maybe that makes them something nice to hold on to in this fleeting ungraspable-ness that life can sometimes be. 
So far this project has three series, with each part representing a moment in time and place that I wanted to hold on to a little longer: the stillness of the dry Spanish desert, the mythical dreams of Greece, and the duality of Rotterdam, the place that I was born. 
In search of many things but mainly my place among the stones, Vessels is an attempt to embrace and hold close the ever changing and flowing of life and step by step go along with it.