screenprints and cyanotype on fabric
56,5 x 82 cm (fabric measurements)
“With clear air on all sides of my body I was outlined: I was given shape”
 from 'A Flat Place' by Noreen Masud

There are these moments when the sea retreats into itself and it leaves the sand on the beach wet. With early morning light or during the day or at sunset, this wet sand would reflect the sky. Blurring the lines: making it all one big combined empty ephemeral void in which only the sea and her horizon are a reminder of physical space. I can look at it for hours. I wish for it to swallow me up and engulf me.
I want to float away in it. Forgetting where I begin or where I end. Becoming one and the same.
It is in those moments of stillness and serenity where I feel closest to myself and the world around me.
Where I would lay my head to rest is a tapestry of water and light.
A tapestry of places and moments connected by the sea and the sky.
The work is made with sea- and rain water I collected through the years at many different places I felt a sense of peace and connection. The water is used in the photographic process of making a cyanotype. 
The cyanotypes are printed with negatives of pictures that I took of the sky and the clouds while I lived in my beloved caravan. The screenprint on some of the fabric is a collaged drawing of waves, shadows and clouds that I saw during various hikes, bike rides and other  travels. The fabric that all this is printed on was a bedsheets that I slept under since I was child and the wooden stick holding it all up
 I found in a park near my childhood home. 
Where I would lay my head to rest is a work that explores the idea of belonging, homecoming, connection, wondering and observing the spaces we inhabit.
I think this work is not finished. It feels like it could evolve and grow.
As my love for water, sky and empty spaces still grows too. 

This work was part of the group exhibition ‘What is home? 
with the Mesh Print Club at the Social hub in Rotterdam.
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top foto by Stijn Brakkee